Portfolio Update

I am currently, or rather still working on my portfolio. I think that the design I am currently working with will be my last one. I have chosen to use 8x12 paper, so its large enough that I can fit more than one picture on the page but not as large as 11x17 so I wont have to pay as much per page and it will fit in my portfolio book which is about 9x13. I'm cutting close I know.

My colours of my design are black, grey and a light purple-pink colour. I will try to put up some screen shots so that you can see.

I signed out the book "Portfolio Design" by Harold Linton from the library yesterday. It has some useful ideas in it, such as different ways to layout the text and images depending on the page orientation. The only drawback is that it is geared towards Architure and not Interior Design.

Still I find it useful, and will take from it what I can.