Keeping in Design shape

So as I am not currently employeed in an Interior Design firm ( Booo, i know) I have decided that I still need to keep my design skills going at least some of them and the ones I am able to
So I have devised a plan or at least somethings that I can do.

  • I am going to do a "chair study" where i essentially choose chairs that I like (i love chairs, love them :D) and I sketch and render them, in my sketch book.
  • Secondly I am going to practise rendering spaces ( I already have four interiors ready to go) again I am going to do them in my sketch book (incase my future employer wants to see what I have been doing with my time)
  • Lastly (so far anyway) I am going to finish my house design (yes I have been working on it forever and a day). I have the plans finalized but I have to do them over in good cuz there messy right now, after that I will work on interior sketches for the space which will be many.

Thats it so far but Im on the look out now for things that I can do to keep my skills in tip top shape.