Company Research

There are a few things that will help you in your job search. One of them is company research. There are three times (that I have read) that you need to do company reaserach, the first time to narrow down where you want to focus your job search, what companies, what type of work they do ie. residential, commerical. Once you've narrowed the field that you want to focus on you then focus on individual companies that you want to apply to and lastly when you have an interview.

There are certain things that you should look for.

  • the company strategy
  • goals
  • special projects and new developments
  • products and services
  • corporate culture
  • history
  • locations
  • Career paths and advancement  opportunites
  • benefits
  • diverstiy initatives
those are just a few things that you can look for when researching information, you should also look at the contact information, hiring manager/human resource or who else you should use as the contact person, when you send your cover letter or resume.

Information that i have gathered suggest that you
"Reserach details on the company products & services. Answer typical interview questions such as 'why should we employ you?' intelligently and thoroughly by emphasizing why the company's products and services ( relates this to an interior design firm) interest you and how you can add value to them"
"Note down the company mission, vision and value statements. This tells you about the company culture. Use this information to highlight why you are a good fit in your job interview"