So I am currently working on my portfolio, I already have an online version as well as a Powerpoint one that i converted to a pdf. But I feel that I need one that shows the project images a bit larger so that you can see the detail.

I am doing it in photoshop elements, I've figured out a way to make one file with multiple pages. Yeah me :D it was quite by accident but I don't mind that. Since yesterday I have been searching both online and in magazines for some inspiration for my portfolio, I still haven't come up with anything, but I am putting the images and the words on "paper". Im laying out where everything goes and then I'll add the design details, any graphics or background images that I find.

I was thinking of doing it magazine style, with the layouts and the wording, yes I know there are a ton of magazine layouts, but Im just going to stick to 2 or 3 layouts.

One problem I do have, apart from not yet having any inspiration is Im not sure what to include in, I mean should there be a table of contents an about me page. When I present the work Im going to put it in an actual portfolio, as opposed to it being bound( though I am still open to that idea). So for the time being I think that Im going to keep those two things out, and focus on the 6 projects that Im going to put in my portfolio. 2 residential, 3 commercial and 1 exculsive drafting project, I may put in a vanity I designed, as It is the last thing I did, and bonus it was actually built. :)

Next post is probabley going to be question and answer for interview questions, just so I can practise. They do advise you to do that.